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At All Hoops Events, we don’t simply plan events; we are avid enthusiasts deeply immersed in the world of youth basketball. Our resolute dedication to excellence shines through, and our EYBL events embody the spirit of our mantra: “Play the Best – Become the Best.” It’s not just about the game; it’s about nurturing the future stars who will define basketball greatness.

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About Us

Where the Best Play The Best

At All Hoops Events we are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences in the world of youth basketball. With a dedicated focus on EYBL (Elite Youth Basketball League) events, we take pride in being a premier event marketing and coordination specialist, ensuring that young talents get the platform they deserve to shine.

  • Event Planning: Meticulous event planning, venue selection, and logistics for seamless EYBL youth basketball events.
  • Talent Showcase: Highlighting young basketball talent, providing a stage for scouts, fans, and recruiters.
  • Marketing Excellence: Innovative event marketing for maximum attendance and exposure.
  • Logistics and Operations: Managing ticketing and on-site logistics for a smooth experience.
  • Fan Engagement: Creating an unforgettable atmosphere for enthusiastic fans.
  • Sponsorship and Partnerships: Cultivating partnerships and sponsorships to enhance the overall event experience.
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Our tournament structure features pool play for balanced matchups, followed by single-elimination rounds for heightened competition. Experienced referees ensure fairness, and we recognize outstanding players and winning teams, prioritizing talent development and creating a memorable experience for all involved.

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U8 – U18 Mens Leagues

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Our Story

About All Hoops Events Since 2018

Five years ago, we set out on a mission to transform youth sports events. Founded by passionate sports enthusiasts, we’ve grown from a startup into a renowned youth sports company. We’ve focused on uniting elite Midwest teams and embarked on journeys across the country, creating exposure and opportunities for aspiring athletes. Our dedication to talent development and fairness has made us a trusted name among athletes, coaches, and parents. From our humble beginnings, we’ve become known for innovation and nurturing the next sports stars. As we reflect on our journey, we’re excited about our future, committed to inspiring young athletes to dream big and play their best, and achieving even greater milestones in the years to come.

What Distinguishes Your Events from Others?
Our events stand out due to their emphasis on elite competition, top-notch organization, and a commitment to talent development. We provide a platform for young athletes to compete against the best, gain exposure, and receive valuable coaching and scouting opportunities.
How Do You Ensure a Safe and Inclusive Environment for Participants?

Safety and inclusivity are paramount. We implement stringent safety protocols and collaborate with experienced officials. Our events are open to diverse talent, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where every player has the opportunity to excel.

What Marketing and Exposure Opportunities Exist for Participants?

We leverage cutting-edge marketing strategies to maximize exposure for athletes and teams. Our events draw attention from scouts, college recruiters, and the media, providing a significant platform for participants to showcase their skills.

What's Your Track Record of Success and Player Development?

Our track record speaks volumes. Many of our alumni have gone on to succeed at higher levels of play, from college scholarships to professional careers. Our events are designed to aid in the holistic development of young athletes, both on and off the court.

Elevate Excellence, Inspire Success, Be the Best By Playing the Best

Our slogan, “Elevate Excellence, Inspire Success, Be the Best By Playing the Best,” embodies our commitment to nurturing talent, motivating success, and fostering competitiveness, all within a concise and impactful message.


Former Top Talent

Our tournaments have proudly hosted top players who’ve gone on to excel in the NBA. The following players are afflated with vaious teams in our league. We’d like to clarify that we use images of these players under fair use rights to celebrate the shared journey of basketball excellence.”

Kendrick Nunn

Kendrick Nunn

Guard || Played with Meanstreets Academy

Derek Rose

Derek Rose

Point Guard || Played with Meanstreets Academy

Darius Bazley || Played with Meanstreets Academy

Darius Bazley || Played with Meanstreets Academy